Best Affordable Infrared Cameras: Pro Quality Under $1,000?

What’s happening family?  Let’s get down to business, and throw this question on the table for analysis; can I get a professional quality thermal camera for under $1,000?  The answer to this question is yes, and I didn’t have to conduct much research to get to the truth of the matter.

First of all what is considered the industry standard for a professional infrared camera?  Most professionals in the field of thermography including experts from the infrared giants such as FLIR consider a camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 and greater a professional quality camera for conducting infrared inspections.

Now that we put the nail in that coffin and made the criteria very simple, let me share a few different products that will not break the bank, and will get the job done for both weekend warriors and professional tradesmen.  Without further ado, check out some of the best affordable infrared cameras.

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Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review: The Infrared Eye in The Sky

Product: Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone
Price: $1,900.00
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Screen Size: up to 10″ tablet
Guarantee: 2 year warranty
My Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Parrot Anafi | Product Overview

Family, in the pasted I dubbed it the perfect marriage, a drone with thermal capabilities. And today, in this blog, I am going to deliver a Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review. To make the dream a reality, Parrot courted and solidified a relationship with infrared giant FLIR by incorporating and leveraging some of their cutting edge thermal imagery delivery capabilities. Also, the specification for the Anafi makes it a very compact drone with enhanced capabilities to deliver benefits to multiple end users for limitless results. The Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone provides the user with a thermal eye in the sky with serious benefits. This drone truly represents how two technologies become one making the sky the limit.

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FLIR C5 Review: Compact Power in the Palm of Your Hand


Product: FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera
Price: $699.99
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Screen Size: 3.5 inches
Guarantee: 2+10 Year Warranty
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10



FLIR C5, Product Overview

FLIR continues its reign as one of the best in the infrared business, and today family, I am going to conduct a FLIR C5 review. This product comes loaded with a myriad of feature. However, the emphasis of this product review will

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Infrared Emissivity: What is it, and Why it is important to Pros using IR in the Field

What’s happen family? In today’s blog I am going to briefly talk about some basics of infrared emissivity and why it is important to the infrared practitioner using thermal technology. I love when people keep things simple, so I like to keep things as simple as possible when trying to explain concepts. With that being said, I found a very simple

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Infrared Drone Cameras: How the Marriage of these Technologies is Revolutionizing Industries

Hello family; what’s happening.  In today’s blog I am going to be briefly talking about a very captivating subject, infrared drone cameras.  The relationship between these two awesome technologies continues to modify the way many people in a wide range of fields are operating.

As a licensed home inspector, I use both drone technology to safely

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Infrared Thermography Companies: Three of the Giants in the Game

What’s happening family? This is Sam coming to you again today to discuss some of the giants in the world of thermal. According to the current literature being produced in the infrared landscape, the thermal market is anticipated to grow in excess two billion dollars US over the next several years. One of the seminal events that has fueled and

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Multiple Uses for Infrared Thermometers

What’s happening family? This blog will focus on a tool and technology that is rapidly becoming common place in our society, especially as the world observes the rule of social distancing. As you have deduced from the title of the blog, it will briefly discuss the myriad uses for infrared thermometers. Other names the infrared

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About Sam

Hi Family; what is happening! My name is Sam, and welcome to my web page Brahman Infrared. I love learning about just about everything especially technology such as thermal imagery. I am a certified thermographer with hours of training in the use of thermal imagery. I have used the technology for years in the field and know it is

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