Best Affordable Infrared Cameras: Pro Quality Under $1,000?

What’s happening family?  Let’s get down to business, and throw this question on the table for analysis; can I get a professional quality thermal camera for under $1,000?  The answer to this question is yes, and I didn’t have to conduct much research to get to the truth of the matter.

First of all what is considered the industry standard for a professional infrared camera?  Most professionals in the field of thermography including experts from the infrared giants such as FLIR consider a camera with a resolution of 320 x 240 and greater a professional quality camera for conducting infrared inspections.

Now that we put the nail in that coffin and made the criteria very simple, let me share a few different products that will not break the bank, and will get the job done for both weekend warriors and professional tradesmen.  Without further ado, check out some of the best affordable infrared cameras.

HTI-19 | Thermal Imager (320 x 240)

Starting at $555.66 the HTI-19 camera represents an outstanding bargain. I personally purchased this piece of equipment for my home inspection business, and it got results.  This camera will enable you to provide a more enhanced picture of the health and safety of a home, business, or improve the picture of whatever project that you are working on where you need more than just observation by the naked-human eye.

With this product, that meets the specifications of professional grade, be prepared to discover latent water behind drywall, potentially dangerous temperature anomalies in electrical panels, areas of energy loss, and much more.  Additionally, if you own a business and have clients, using this technology on the job and in reports is a great form of salesmanship and marketing that could set your brand apart from the competition.

HTI | HT-A2 (320 x 240)

The HT-A2 remains well under $1,000 with a price tag of just $529.99.  The HT-A2 from HTI is sleek and light, weighing in at approximately half of a pound.  The manufacture designed this camera to provide high resolution IR images to construction workers and other tradesmen.  However, its use is only limited by the imagination.

The HT-A2 goes where you go, and enables the end user to almost always have the capability of discovering defects in hard to access and maneuver locations such as attics or crawlspace type foundations.

With the holidays around the corner this toy would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the toolkit of a friend or a loved one.

SEEK | Thermal Revealpro (320 x 240)

Seek represents another strong name in the infrared game, and the leadership of this company cut their teeth with years of experience developing infrared technology for defense purposes. Seek’s Thermal Revealpro goes for as low as $599.99: a major goal of Seek is to put high quality cameras in the hands of the general public at an affordable cost.

Like the HT-A2, the Thermal Revealpro is compact, highly portable, features nine different color pallets to analyze temperature anomalies from multiple perspectives, and a rugged rubberized case for stability.

HTI | HT-H8 (384 x 288)

To round out this group of high quality and affordable cameras,  the HT-H8 gives the user greater resolution.  However, it also comes in at a greater cost of $999.55 or just shy of the $1,000 dollar benchmark.

Another significant feature that sets this camera apart from the cameras mentioned above is its wifi capability.  Wifi capability offers the user the capability of exporting images at the jobsite to facilitate sharing images with team members and clients, while giving the user the capability of integreting high quality-thermal images into their professional reports in real time on the spot.

The Road Ahead

The day of spending well over $1,000 to procure an infrared camera with the capability to perform high quality-professional work is over.  The products discussed in this post are just a few offering on the market; this is by no means an exhaustive list.  The cost of high quality thermal imaging cameras continues to trend down.

This enables greater access to this technology to private citizen and tradesmen, and depending on the purpose for using thermal cameras, the service provided will pay for itself and then some.

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  1. Good article technology has gotten better and cheaper in recent times which puts the use of these tools in the reach of everyone.

    I have used infrared cameras at work in recent times for checking critical bearing temps, they are great however found that they a limited because of the range, if you can get close enough they are great. What sort of range do these cameras have?


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