FLIR C5 Review: Compact Power in the Palm of Your Hand


Product: FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera
Price: $699.99
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Screen Size: 3.5 inches
Guarantee: 2+10 Year Warranty
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10



FLIR C5, Product Overview

FLIR continues its reign as one of the best in the infrared business, and today family, I am going to conduct a FLIR C5 review. This product comes loaded with a myriad of feature. However, the emphasis of this product review will remain focused on the benefits the FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera brings to both professional and laymen users.

Portability and Touch Screen Capability: Truly Pocket Sized Power

The 3.5 inch thermal camera fits conveniently in the user’s pocket. This compact feature enables enhanced mobility for home inspectors, electricians, plumbers, other professionals, and private citizens. Maneuvering in crawlspaces, attics, under the hood of a vehicle, ladders, and other hard to reach and hazardous areas is sometimes challenging with larger thermal camera strapped to a person’s body or clipped on their hip.

However, the portability of a solid device like the FLIR C5 makes accessing these areas more safe and efficient. Also, the screen on the device allows users to simply tap and make notes on the spot of what they are shooting. On the back end this is helpful when the user is sorting through shots from multiple sites to determine what defects of issues for the creation of professional reports.

FLIR’s Patent MSX Technology: Know What You’re Look At

Another key benefit that sets the FLIR C5 apart from comparable competition is the Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) imagery. The images below capture infrared imagery both with and without FLIR’s exclusive MSX technology. FLIR’s MSX essentially superimposes details a person is used to seeing in a digital picture over an infrared image.

Multi-Spectral Dynamic greatly increases the quality of the product delivered to a customer. Usually, a thermographer takes a digital picture of an area of concern and a picture with an infrared camera to give their client context to the issues they are capturing. Multi-Spectral Dynamic technology integrates the details that give context into the infrared image.

WiFi and Cloud Capabilities

The WiFi capabilities allows users to send imagery from the FLIR C5 to cell phones, and users with reporting software on their cell phones or tablet can input the thermal imagery on site. Also, the FLIR C5 possesses the capability of linking to the FLIR Ignite Cloud, and with this capability, people can collaborate and share with partners. This is a significant advantage over thermal cameras that require the use of USB to download infrared imagery on a computer.

The Con

The above mentioned benefits represent a phenomenal value for this product; however, the resolution of the camera, at 160 x 120, comes short of what is considered professional grade. Most thermographers and people who are infrared certified consider a resolution of 320 x 240 and better a professional level camera.

The Product in a Nutshell

Sizzle features and benefits such as compact size, touch screen capabilities, leading industry technology, WiFi, and more makes this reasonable priced camera a great deal for professionals who want to take their game and business to the next level or private citizens who can benefit from an excellent product.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions about the FLIR C5 Compact Thermal Camera or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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  1. This is a great review not only for its content but for its conciseness. In addition the array of images presented backed up the presentation’s words. Further this review’s
    details and specifications enhanced my learning about this type of multi dimensional camera.



  2. This was a very interesting blog. Thank you for sharing the capabilities of such a small device. I wonder how it will advance over time and integrated in other uses such as security, medical, gaming, outdoors adventures, etc.

  3. I really enjoyed reading the entirety of your blog. I feel this product is indeed a must. My fear of fires arose greatly when I experienced it a few back in my home, with my children. Long story short it began in the wall, “what you can’t see CAN hurt you,” that surely was a true statement you made. I appreciate your professional review of this product.

    Thank you,
    Shandra Mejia


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