Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review: The Infrared Eye in The Sky

Product: Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone
Price: $1,900.00
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Screen Size: up to 10″ tablet
Guarantee: 2 year warranty
My Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Parrot Anafi | Product Overview

Family, in the pasted I dubbed it the perfect marriage, a drone with thermal capabilities. And today, in this blog, I am going to deliver a Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review. To make the dream a reality, Parrot courted and solidified a relationship with infrared giant FLIR by incorporating and leveraging some of their cutting edge thermal imagery delivery capabilities. Also, the specification for the Anafi makes it a very compact drone with enhanced capabilities to deliver benefits to multiple end users for limitless results. The Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone provides the user with a thermal eye in the sky with serious benefits. This drone truly represents how two technologies become one making the sky the limit.

4K HDR and LEPTON 3.5 | Imagery, Imagery, Imagery

First, let’s hopscotch into possibly the sexiest feature of this beautiful piece of equipment; the Anafi features both a visual 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera and the LEPTON 3.5 radiometric thermal device from FLIR. The image contrast provided by a 4K HDR is among the best in the industry and is what is utilized in the manufacturing of high end color televisions and other broadcast mediums. This means that the quality of images will provide the professional quality aesthetic picture to suit the needs of the work required.

The LEPTON 3.5 gives the user a dime size 160 x 180 resolution thermal camera, which is currently the highest resolution provided by FLIR. The LEPTON 3.5 captures thermal data for each pixel in each frame and snapshot gathered by the pilot. The benefits of the thermal eye in the sky is aerial imagery of thermal anomalies of interest. These images include but are not limited to electrical issues in energy infrastructure and substations, inoperable solar panels, moisture intrusion in residential and commercial roofs, search and rescue, herd management in forests and reservations, and much more.

Images in 180 Degrees

Not only does the Anafi give good quality visual and thermal images, the drone gets shots that possesses challenges to other well-made drones. The 180 degree tilt of the camera enables the Anafi to take picture under structure both from above and below. For example, the pilot could navigate the drone and take pictures beneath infrastructure such as bridges.

Twenty-Six Minutes per Battery | Flight Time Matters

The Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone comes equipped with three batteries with the capability of sustaining 26 minutes of flight per battery. Many quality drone batteries typically run for approximately 20 minutes. Three batteries with this amount of flight time goes a long way in handling bigger projects. Another key piece of equipment to note is the Multiport USB charger used to recharge the batteries. The charger enables the user to charge all three batteries at the same time within three hours. Most drones offer only one charging station per battery.

In addition to the speed of charging the batteries, other features that saves time is the ease of set up. The Anafi drone takes three seconds to set-up, and when you’re on a job site especially one that does not belong to you time matters.

Hand Launch | Take Off

A feature that many users of the Anafi Thermal Drone laud is the capability to hand launch the device. If the pilot needs to perform work in an austere area that is not conducive to launching the quad-copter on a level surface, the pilot possesses the capability of launching the drone from their hand from a safe location.

Compact and Portable

The specifications in relations to the size of the Anafi Thermal Drone is amazing. When the frame of the aircraft is collapsed for transport, it reduces to the size of 2.7in X 8.5in and weighs just 13.62 ounces.

Also, all the major component and contents of the Anafi to include: the Anafi Thermal Drone, Parrot Sky Controller, three smart batteries, 1 multi-port USB charger, 1 tablet holder, 8 additional propeller blades, mounting tool, 16 GB microSD card, and 4 USB-A/USB-C cables fits conveniently into a small shoulder bag.


The Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone contains many more features and benefits including assisted flights where the pilot can plot and map points around an area of interest, and the Anafi’s ability to cover ground saves on manpower and other critical commodities such as fuel.

However, from customer reviews and open sources such as YouTube, I found some reports of areas where Parrot could improve its game. One of the chief complaints surrounds Parrot’s capability to provide technical support in house. Another trending complaint found surrounds the durability of the air frame.

The Final Word

Overall for the features and benefits this drone provides the pilot, it remains priced well. It has the potential to be used by many people in many industries and businesses enhancing the delivery of services and efficiency of operations.

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