Thermal Security Camera System: What You can’t See Can be a Threat

What’s happening all? Today, I am going to briefly discuss how thermal and integrated thermal technology is raising the standard in the security industry. Thermal security camera systems provide advantages over other security camera offerings in the market such as the enhanced capabilities, features, and advanced integrated security delivery.

Capabilities: Thermal Security Camera System vs The Rest

Everyone has a good idea of what most day time/visible light cameras offer to businesses and private citizens. We have all seen movies, television shows, or watched footage on the local news of people who are caught taped committing crimes or doing things that they were not supposed to do, and it is known that video surveillance acts as a deterrent to potential threats.

But, traditional video surveillance and night vision video possess blind spots, and what you can’t see can be a threat. The thermal security camera system relies on and leverages thermal technology to make visible heat that cannot be picked up by traditional video CCTV systems. Also, thermal cameras can detect heat signatures through fog, smoke, rain, and it does not need light.

On the other hand, another product that exists on the market needs some light to operate, night vision cameras. If you have ever used night vision technology, then you know that it is not very effective on cloudy nights with little to no light from the moon or stars. Security threats using camouflage, sneaking around in blind spots, or trying to infiltrate business or personal properties during inclement weather cannot hide their heat energy.

Also, the reach of thermal security cameras are much longer than traditional security camera products. Most cameras can clearly see threats in complete darken in excess of 50 meters.

Applications: Additional Sizzle Features Unique to Infrared

Not only does the heat energy detecting power of infrared technology inherently give thermal cameras many advantages, the hardware and software applications of these systems are awesome. From the command post, the user or security specialist can set the color pallet they prefer to use such as white hot or black hot.

The software in some of these applications can even set rules. For example, a user can set a rule in the application to turn everything that gives off a temperature of 90 to 110 degrees to appear pink on the video and the recording. Rules can be set to set off security alarms when there is movement within a specified field of view of the camera.

FLIR’s F Series thermal security products takes it to the next level and features applications like distinguishing cars and vehicle from other motion such as wildlife and continuity of surveillance. So, a potential threat can be monitored from camera to camera around the security perimeter of an area.

Provides an Integrated Comprehensive Security Package

The integration of the capabilities, applications, platforms, and all the other things that infrared security provides is mind blowing. With the global pandemic still ongoing, one of the integrated solutions that a system like this offers is the capability providing thermal screening at entry points to facilities to safeguard the health and security of the human resources that are employed at the facilities.

Some of the more sophisticated systems use radars technology with the thermal camera technology. The long range detection capability of the radar enables efficiency of monitoring efforts. Camera assets can be focused on potentially vulnerable area.

Looking Ahead

The future of thermal imagery technology and cameras is definitely looking bright in all industries. And with rapid improvements in areas like the range of coverage/field of coverage of the camera and its increasing resolution quality, thermal camera will more than likely become the surveillance go to of our time.

In fact as the technology continues to become more affordable, luxury homeowners are currently using this technology to secure their grounds. And there are models of this technology that features both the infrared lens and a traditional lens in the event that identification is needed.

The thermal security camera is indeed one of the most impressive features in the hat of thermal technology.

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