Thermal Temperature Reader: Coming to a School Near You

What’s happening again Family? As we draw closer to the new school year, parents in many school districts and school administration have decisions to make. These are tough decisions. Do I let my child go back to school, and If I do chose to allow my child go to school what protocol is in place to safeguard my child’s health? Conversely, educators are hosting online townhalls and are scrambling on the way ahead to navigate this complex situation.

As a parent myself, I understand why many parents have decided to continue down the path of social distancing, and elected to go the way of virtual learning. However, there are companies in the child care market that are utilizing thermal technology as a potential solution to mitigate the spread of the global pandemic.

A daycare in Brimingham Alabama has integrated the use of thermal technology at their location. The kiosk style thermal scanner is called GRIN, and it comes equipped with a biometric style scanners that detects temperature and whether the child or visitor is wearing a mask. The kiosk also includes a station equipped with hand sanitizer.

Ways that Thermal Technology Helps

Proactive school systems around the United States such as Baldwin County Schools (a school system in Alabama) have adopted the thermal temperature reader. In fact, in this school district school leadership committed over one million dollars to acquire over 150 thermal scanners with the capability of scanning multiple students and faculty at the same time. The philosophy of the leadership in this school system places a premium of safety over the budget.

Benefits of Using Thermal Technology to Secure Schools

Utilizing thermal technology in this way creates excellent benefits. Using the thermal scanner that can enable accurate scans of multiple students at points of entry to the school and throughout the school facilitating the mass movement of students and teachers. To scan each child and visitor entering a school during peak hours of traffic would take significant manpower and time. As thermal technology becomes more advanced, it will facilitate the work of the school’s security personnel.

Adapting, Overcoming, and Moving Forward

It is going to be interesting to see how these experiments will workout as school systems across the country such as Baldwin County School opens their doors in approximately one month. However, with the assistance of thermal technology more school administers, other employees of the school system, and hopefully the families serviced will have more of a sence of peace moving forward.

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